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DIY Landscaping Supplies (Delivery)

Acadia Landscape is proud to offer DIY landscaping supply delivery to homes in Knoxville, TN and surrounding areas. Call us and let one of our experts help plan out the quantity of mulch, pea gravel, top soil, or other landscape products you need delivered to your home. Our current pricing and product availability are listed to the right, or you can download our landscape supply brochure for more information on mulch delivery and landscaping supplies delivered to your home.

Delivery fee is $85 within a ten mile radius of our office, plus $1.50 for each additional mile over. Average delivery time is 1-2 days after your order is confirmed.

*Pricing and availability subject to change.

CALL US at (865) 329-4002

SEND AN EMAIL to delivery@acadialandscape.com

Mulch, Stone, Gravel, Paver Sand, and Topsoil Delivery in Knoxville, TN

Mulch Delivery in Knoxville
Hardwood Bark Mulch
(Black or Brown)
$34.50/cubic yard
This is the good stuff. An all natural, un-dyed product made from the bark of trees. Perfect for a classic look in your planting beds.

Topsoil Delivery in KnoxvilleTopsoil (screened)
$55/cubic yard
Topsoil is an ideal substrate for planting grass seed on a new lawn.
We recommend a 1-2” thick layer on top of the existing soil. It’s also perfect for backfilling new plants or amending clay soil.

Topsoil Delivery in KnoxvilleGarden Soil (mixed to order)
$75/cubic yard
Specially formulated mix of organic additives and graded soil. Perfect as a top dressing or additive for vegetable and flower
gardens, as well as potted plants.

Mushroom Compost Delivery in KnoxvilleMushroom Compost Temporarily Sold Out
$46.50/cubic yard
Mushroom compost is an affordable soil conditioner that can be used to help improve clay consistency.

River Rock Delivery in KnoxvilleRiver Rock
3/4-1.5” or 2-5” river stone is used as a border or ground cover in planting beds and in drainage areas.

Pea Gravel Delivery in KnoxvilleNewport Pea Gravel
3/4” size is used as a ground cover in planting beds, or as a surface for patios, walkways, terraces, and driveways (including tar-and-chip). Because this is a natural prduct, coloration may vary.

Crusher Run Delivery in KnoxvilleCrusher Run
Call for Pricing
Crusher run is an engineered stone used a base stone under asphalt and pavers, used for driveways and pathways.

#57 Stone Delivery in Knoxville#57 Stone
Call for Pricing
#57 stone is used as a base under concrete, for driveways and as a drain stone behind retaining walls and for French drains. Average stone size is 3/4".

Paver Bedding Sand Delivery in KnoxvillePaver Bedding Sand
Call for Pricing
Fine limestone gravel that can be evenly compacted. Often used for laying perfectly level patios.


Our experts can help estimate the right quantities for your DIY project. CALL US ANY TIME (865) 329-4002 or email delivery@acadialandscape.com.


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