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Brick & Stone Masonry

Landscape masonry refers to brick and stone structures bound together by mortar, and Acadia Landscape is proud to offer some of the finest brick and stone masonry services in East Tennessee. Our talented craftsmen can combine different materials and masonry techniques to achieve the desired look in your landscape. We execute our work at the highest level, and our photos show the care we take with each project.

Masonry Wall Patterns

There are countless wall patterns to consider with your brick or stone wall or fireplace.

Brick can be laid in a standard running bond, or include "bonding" patterns, such as English or Flemish bonds, where a half brick is repeated in different patterns. Traditionally an entire brick was turned perpendicular to the wall, thus "bonding" the double brick wall together for stability. But the look can be achieved by simply splitting a brick in half. Herringbone brick patterns, commonly used as an accent, requires expert masons with the experience to cut and lay the brick correctly.

Natural stone walls are another high-end product with countless ways to customize your property. Tennessee stack stone and dry stack stone patterns are traditional and timeless, as are the "web walls" consisting of random stones with flat, natural cleft surfaced exposed.

Some of the best landscapes integrate different materials for a distinct look. An arched brick lintel on a stack stone fireplace or cast limestone stair treads on brick risers are just two examples of integrating masonry building products.

Masonry Floors

Outdoor masonry floors include stone, brick, pavers or tile set in a concrete mortar bed, which can offer lasting structural integrity and a solid feel. Stone can be used in random flagging pattern, or, the stone can be cut at angles for a repeating or random pattern.

Brick patios and pool decks give a timless, traditional look to your property, while stone masonry patios and pool decks reflect a more natural feel.

For clients using our masory and hardscape installation services, the cost of the material and labor is factored into your overall estimate.

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Common Brick Patterns for Walls

Common Brick Patterns for Walls

Common Brick Patterns for Patios

Common Brick Patterns for Patios


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